Kata® DGM-1500 Turva

Easy-to-use and accurate personal radiation survey meter.

DGM-1500 Turva

Kata® DGM-1500 Turva is a microprocessor controlled radiation dose rate and dose meter for measuring gamma and X-ray radiation. It is approved in Finland for civil defence use and for self-acting radiation measurements by The Ministry of Interior. Due to versatile measurement functions and wide measuring range (0.01-100 000 μSv/h) DGM-1500 Turva is an ideal radiation meter for civil defence, fire & rescue patrols, nuclear industry and other industry, hospitals and educational organizations.

Kata® DGM-1500 Turva includes also models for measuring of Strontium -90 and Cesium -137 from foodstuff,  the software for in-house radon measurements. This enables radon measurements together with Radon-Box 10 radon absorption unit.

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KataProbe radiation meter with extended gamma probe.


KataProbe is a combination of Kata® DGM-1500 Turva personal radiation meter and an external gamma probe. Probe is to be connected with the radiation meter through an RS interface. This enables radiation measurements in two separate places. The cable between the main measurement unit and the probe can be up to 600 meters long. The probe is placed in a weather proofed box which allows either in-house or outdoor installations.    

Kata® Radon-Box 10 radon measurement system

Radon-Box 10

For the quick radon measurements in-house.

Radon-Box 10 is an accessory for Kata DGM-1500 Turva personal radiation meter. It enables quick in-house radon measurements. Radon-Box 10 is an unit made of metal and filled with activated carbon. It is to be placed in a room for seven days to collect radon. After this period the unit will be analyzed with the radon measurement software which is included in the DGM-1500 personal radiation meter. The final result tells exactly how many Bq/m3 there has been radon. This measurement system is approved by STUK in Finland for statutory radon measurements in working places.

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