VacuDAP Dose area product meter

Dose area product meter for patient dose measurements during x-ray treatments


VacuDap dose area product meter is a reliable, accurate and easy-to-use instrument for measurements of patient dose during x-ray treatments. The basic unit consists of ionisation chamber and chamber electronics. The variety of different kinds of chambers meet the requirements of demanding user. Multi chamber configurations are also available. In addition to this there are different ways to control the device and to display the measured values (remote control, Pc-software).

The dose area product is the exact quantity of the radiation exposure of the patient during fluoroscopy or radiography. It includes operating value of the x-rate tube and effective filter, exposure time and exposure area. The measurement is positioned between collimator and patient. European commission gave in 1997 a directive which advices to control and store values of patient dose during x-ray treatments.

VacuDAP is an ideal instrument for these purposes and it is also an useful instrument for every day quality control. VacuDAP is manufactured by VacuTec Meßtechnik GmbH.

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