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The first KATA radiation meter was developed shortly after the disastrous Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986. The innovation quickly became Finland's most popular radiation meter. In radiation safety, the importance of preparation has been emphasized over the decades. Now we have developed a new device, KATA Solo.

KATA® Solo

Accident, crisis, pandemic – safety must not be tripped up by problems with the availability of critical products. In developing radiation safety, Kata Safety’s thinking starts from customers’ needs and internalizing responsibility.


KATA® Solo

850 € + VAT 24 % + Shipping costs


  • KATA® Solo is a multi-purpose and versatile radiation meter that is perfectly suited to the needs of civil protection, industry and healthcare.
  • The accurate, fast and easy-to-use meter is also suitable for users with less radiation measurement experience.
  • The ergonomic design makes using the meter pleasant.
  • Manufactured at the Kata factory in Finland.
  • Automated inspection and service calls by registering the device

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